Read This Now Or
You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Imagine waking up and a desperate mob is pounding at your door.

They want your FOOD.
They want your WATER.
They’re coming to get YOU!

What’s your first instinct?
Maybe you call the police, the lines are busy, they don’t care,
they have bigger things to worry about.
You call your neighbor, but the mob is there too.

You have 8 basic responses to this situation
7 out of 8 of them get you and your family KILLED

Only ONE ensures you and your family live happily ever after.
Do you know what this response is?

If you can’t answer that question…

You’ve Got A Problem

So pay attention to every word of this presentation and shut down every other application on your computer but this one, to avoid a moment’s distraction. Because the free information I share on this page, is literally life and death information, without exaggeration.

I’m Jason Richards,

Now recognized as one of the world’s foremost and well-respected survivalists.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news; I’m an optimist by nature.

I really wish I could come on here… and tell you that everything’s fine in this country.

I wish I could tell you to go back to sleep and enjoy and another episode of Family Guy.

But recent discoveries have told me… and they soon will tell you, that this kind of naivety isn’t just misguided…



Think of it like this.

When you are sleeping on a track and there’s a train barreling down on you at 80 miles per hour, I feel I must do EVERYTHING in my power to wake you up. Which is exactly what I’m going to do today.

And even if you think you have already woken up, prepare to learn that this rabbit hole goes a lot further than you think it does.

The information I’m about to share is EXTREMELY time sensitive.

It’s information that UNFORTUNATELY you cannot find anywhere else, not even on our beloved patriot sites.

There are many, many people who desperately need this information and are trying to access this page right now, but bandwidth is limited.

Which means we will need to clear this site of people who don’t belong.

So let me speak directly to those people now.
If you are a naysayer, a doubter, Government shills, agents, an Obama-head or any other 2014 version of the useful idiot, I’m going
to ask you to leave now.

If you think that this country is on firm footing and can’t be convinced otherwise, I’m going to ask you to step off the page to allow others who need this life changing info to get it.

If you think that the notion of a currency collapse or economic disaster is no more than a conspiracy theory and you think you’re ALREADY prepared for any major disaster that may come, then leave now and…

Enjoy Your Summer At Camp

If you fall into any of those categories, I’m going to recommend you enjoy your quasi-hypnotized, mind controlled, fluoridated, pharmaceutically-induced state of artificial bliss.

Good luck out there, you will need it.

And for those of you who think you are prepared for the coming crisis, unfortunately, through no fault of your own, you may be in the worst position of all, because the worst person to be around in a crisis is the one who thinks he’s prepared but actually isn’t.

This may be harsh to hear…

The truth is not for the squeamish, it never has been.

But if you’ve got a brain in your head, and a heart in your chest…

You Know Something’s Wrong
In This Country

That it has been this way for a while, and that the other shoe is about to drop.

And not in years from now either, but in a matter of months, if not weeks!

So I can spend all day hoping or praying for things to be different but none of that will save anyone from the fact that every day, with inch closer and closer to the day, theU.S. Government will become mathematically unable to repay its debts.

Economists have warned us about this for years and it’s finally here.

The Point Of No Return For Our Financial System

A point at which there will be NO CHOICE, but for nation states like China to abandon the dollar under the pressure of investors.

The U.S. can do NOTHING to prevent this.

And it’s not a matter of if it will happen, it’s a matter of WHEN.
And when it does, you will see things start happening fast – things 99% of the
population won’t understand.

Quite simply, when U.S. treasury bonds are abandoned by foreign investors,

Oil Prices Go Up 3000%
As The Dollar Collapses

Yes… 3000 percent in a single day!

That is the same day that every current producer of staple foods for this country no longer turns a profit.

Their trucks stop.

Whatever food is left in the grocery stores is ransacked by a panicked mob.

The rest is rationed by the U.S. Government.

YES, you will walk into your local grocery store only to find empty shelves.

NO Rice Krispies, NO milk.

In fact, NO bread, NO rice, NO drinkable water.

Just empty shelves.

Now remember,

The Food Stamps Are Already
On The Brink Of Collapse

This is the program that currently feeds 47 million of the poorest Americans, who will instantly be unleashed on the streets, many of them ARMED, looking for food anywhere they can find it.

And that means YOUR FRIDGE.

The moment the government has no treasury investment, that program is declared BANKRUPT, really just an admission of the current status, by the way.

And if you’re on social security, the president will regretfully inform you via television that those checks will no longer arrive until further notice”.

It’s a simple equation, one that has been repeated throughout history: the shortages will lead to RIOTS and the riots will lead to MARTIAL LAW.

Think I’m making this stuff up?
Think again…

Peter Schiff, one of the world’s most accurate economic analysts and one of the only economists who predicted the 2008 financial bubble burst with precision, now says the 2014 depression will make that event look like a Sunday school picnic.”

And who would know better about the coming collapse? CNBC news recently covers his prediction, that there will be an…

Impending Sovereign Debt Crisis
As Early As 2014

And your government?
Knows about this better than anyone, which is exactly why they’ve recently rammed through the barbaric National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order in the dead of night, which gives the government total martial law powers over the population… in a time of crisis or peace.

In short, the law allows a president to order you or your family, throw them into vans with a bag over their head without a shred of evidence…

To seize your water supplies, your property, EVERYTHING in case of a crisis.

Without a hearing.

Without a trial.

Without asking permission.

The Posse Comitatus Act… the act protecting your constitutional rights to be free from military on your streets is long gone.

And in case you haven’t noticed, last year martial law drills took place in more than 10 states, armed military pulled people out of their homes and into trains, in the wake of a natural disaster to prepare the population…

A drill they’ve been practicing for the past two years now en masse.

So should it surprise any of us?

On a business trip, Dale BOHANNAN discovered this:

A Soybean Field
Turned Into A Mass Grave

Set up IN SECRET by your government, with 135,000 plastic graves, just enough to take care of the local population there…

With similar grave sites spotted all over the country, still more yet to be discovered.

Face it. The government knows exactly what’s coming. The government is prepared.

But they aren’t prepared for your survival.

The government is preparing for your orderly death.

I tried to ignore it for a long time, but when friends in the military, started telling me about the mass graves, totally real by the way, when I saw police officers OPENLY stating that they are preparing for urban warfare…

When I saw martial law drills taking place in every major city in the country, as the dollars collapses…

I knew that it was time for my knowledge to begin to reach those who needed it most

I’m not one to brag like most salesmen posers out there. I’m a SURVIVALIST, in the true sense of the word.

I’ve gone months in the wilderness with no more than a knife and a water bottle, and I not only survived, but THRIVED.

Been taught to do so since I was six years old by my military trained parents.

I’m trained in martial arts and the use of a wide array of fire-arms and I’ve learned from the best in the industry, the survivalists who taught the survivalists who teach you, people like John Lahan. He’s a loyal ex-military who fought in Afghanistan for 5 years before he came back home and started his own elitist survival training school.

But more importantly I’ve learned from history.

I’ve catalogued EXACTLY what has happened when other countries have collapsed.

I’ve figured out EXACTLY how each individual was affected who survived, who did not and why.

And I came to realize that NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, is adequately preparing the American public for what is to come, not even the patriots!

While some techniques can help you survive for a day or two, nobody is preparing the public for the LONG TERM nature of the crisis.


And if you’re not prepared to survive the 3-6 months it will likely take before any calm and order is restored, you might as well be dead.

I started to look through what is being offered online as advice, and would almost laugh if it wasn’t so dangerous.

Let’s put it this way: 95% of the information you will find online, will land its customers up STARVING, in a FEMA camp, broke, in jail, or DEAD!

But not before they and their family are assaulted or molested by food stamp mobs.

In a situation like this, I don’t want to be a hero, but right now I have no choice, because I know what’s coming. And I know what people unprepared for a disaster look like.

And right now, I’m telling you, the U.S. population is currently in store for an apocalypse of Biblical proportions.

And to many of you I know that’s just words, so let me break it down for you:

Do You Know What It’s Like To Watch Your Children Beg For Water?

Do you know what it’s like to have angry rioters ransack your personal home, your kid’s bedroom?

To have grown men doing as they wish with your family, your children, your grandchildren, while you are forced to sit and watch and do nothing?

Could you live with yourself?

If you could’ve done something about it, but chose not to, because you were too busy, too distracted, or just didn’t make it a priority?


So the least I can do is take the information I’ve learned, the information I know I can use to survive just about any crisis,

EVERYTHING that I think YOU need to know… and put it all in one place, a single home study course that prepares you for anything and everything that could go wrong.

From rising gas prices to food shortages, to tornadoes, to home invasions, everything’s is covered, so there are no more excuses for not being prepared.

DECADES of experience and research came together and became what we call

The Family Survival Course

Filled to the brim with lifesaving information that’s being COMPLETELY ignored by most of the guides out there, all ready to implement immediately to SKYROCKET YOUR CHANCES OF SURVIVAL like nobody else in the country.

This will make you not just into a survivor, but a LEADER in the troubled times ahead.

What follows is just a small taste of what’s included in this package.

  • How 300 bucks can get you 44 foods that will have you satisfied, nourished, and happy as a clam, no matter how long the food shortages last.


  • How to survive and thrive in an urban warfare situation.

When the bullets start to fly in your neighborhood (they always do in a food shortage), you’ll thank everything holy that you had these no hold bar tactics in your corner.

Also covered:

  • How to keep police and military OUT of your home, even if they’ve got an evacuation order.

Think of the lifetime nightmares you’ll save your children when you know this simple tactic.


  • How to NEVER find yourself in a government breadline.

You don’t want to be in the position of choosing who in your family gets the last piece of food.

With the information shared in this chapter you’ll know exactly…

  • How to eat WELL… I’m talking COOKIES milk and brownies, even while your society’s infrastructure is collapsing around you.

It’s easier and CHEAPER than you think.

  • How to not only protect but GROW your wealth amid chaos.

The elite understand that every problem has a silver lining to be exploited.

Steal their tactics for using the crisis to come out on top of the economic food chain, every single time.

  • How to exploit a living source of the world’s best water…100% free for life.

HINT: most filters drain your water of essential nutrients you’ll desperately need in a crisis, this is the only smart way to do it.

  • The TRUTH about having a gun.

Having a gun is NOT what you think and if you’re like most people, you have JUST enough knowledge to get yourself swiftly killed in a crisis.

We’ll Show You FACTS From FICTION That ACTUALLY Ensure Your Survival When It Comes To Firearms


  • How to win the mental game of survival.

I’ve watched people die in mere feet of water, simply because of fear; they didn’t have the mental game of survival nailed down.

And at that point nothing else matters.

On the other hand, when your MIND is up for the task, you can do what others would think are impossible skills

  • Learn how to almost instantly take on a ‘superman complex’ when you need it the most.

This will also show you how to approach the coming disaster from a place of CONFIDENCE and inner CALM, so you sleep well and maintain your focus, so you can rise to the occasion, instead of cowering in fear like a lemming.

Maybe most importantly…

  • How to turn your personal home into a rock-solid “bunker”, practically immune from major weather disasters and home invasion so you can sleep soundly no matter what’s going outside.

HINT: you can make it happen with stuff you already have lying around the house.

  • A stockpiling trick swiped from Navy Seals used to keep your food supplies as fresh as the day they were grown… for months and even years into the future.

Prepare To Be Part Of The 1% Who Know This Simple Food Storage Secret That Cannot Only Save You Thousands Of Dollars, But Can Save Your Life

  • How to keep your heat, air conditioner, refrigerators and lights all running smoothly even if the grid collapsed WITHOUT spending a fortune on generators

HINT: generators run on FUEL! Fuel will be unaffordable in a disaster.

  • Understanding the difference between short term and long term food supply.

Even most self-proclaimed “preppers” don’t understand exactly how long an economic disaster and humanitarian crisis can last.

  • Discover how to be sitting pretty, while they go hungry for far less than you’ve ever dreamed of paying.
  • How to live off the ground when necessary, should you ever find yourself on the run, and live comfortably, healthily and even deliciously at times.

So long as the sun is shining and you know these secrets, it’s literally impossible to starve.

Here’s a big one:

If you are elderly and rely on specific medication, such as insulin, pacemaker or oxygen machines, or even if you are simply overweight, history would show that you would be the first to die in a crisis.

But, history would also show that with preparation there are things that even you can do to skyrocket your chances of survival.

If you are dependent on government programs such as food stamps…W.I.C. or even social security, you too are candidates for early death in the event of a crisis, including a shutdown of basic government services.

You need a way to change those odds without breaking the bank.

I’ve haven’t yet seen REAL answers for this vulnerable portion of our population, which is why I go into detail on this topic in the Family Survival Course.

Also covered:

  • The $50 medicine kit that can get you out of almost any medical jam, or at least buy you the time that you need to get help.
  • The REAL shelf life of life saving drugs, what the drug companies won’t tell you is found on page 245 of the book.

And before I forget…

If you are elderly, you might as well have a target on your back for invasions by those who are drug addicted.

These addicts are likely on your block already. They know you have the opiates they are addicted to. In the event of a crisis, they will be beating down your door, unless you know how to protect yourself from them.

The answer to this nightmare scenario is included in the Family Survival Course.

As we both know, there are a lot different ways an economic or natural disaster can go.

Nobody Can Predict The Future,
Unless You Are The Ones

This, in a nutshell, is the power of the Family Survival Course: the ability to not just predict, but to KNOW what’s in your future.

Because you understand the rules of the game, CREATE it.

Because the government has its plan for you.

It’s a plastic coffin with your name on it.

If you don’t want to see the inside of it, you might just want to arm yourself with the power that allows you to turn the tables.

Before it’s too late.

It will never be easier.

It will never be more accessible…

And more affordable than what it is right now.

Which brings us to the price of the Family Survival Course, and price is a difficult thing to put on a home study course like this.

Because you can’t put a price on being the ONLY one in your neighborhood who has the ANSWERS when all hell breaks loose.

You can’t put a price on having the MEDICINE you need to keep your mother alive.

To be able to say YES when your 6 year old asks for breakfast…

And the peace of mind to make it through to the other side, gracefully.

If we charge too little it won’t be valued for its lifesaving information.

If we charge too much, people who truly deserve it could miss out.

So we settled on a price that’s fair to both.

We considered charging 997 dollars, as this is about half of what you’d pay to learn this information live.

We then considered 597 considering current economic conditions.

And in the end we decided that even 597 would leave too many people unable to afford it.

We decided to put survival ahead of fairness and create an offer NOBODY in their right mind could refuse.

We settled on not $997, not $597, not even $397, but just a single payment of $27

Regular price: $97  Today $27

Add To Cart

Not really much of a cost at all, when you consider that in a crisis this information can be bartered for 10s of thousands of dollars.

Honestly, you could have people paying you in food, shelter, silver, or anything you need, for just ONE of these secrets that helps them survive.

But as you may have already figured out, we’re not in this for the money.

We’re in it for the LIVES SAVED.

And to ensure there’s ZERO doubt about what to do next, we’re topping that off with the best guarantee in the business.

We call it…

The Love It Or Leave It

And it is just like it sounds: either love what the Family Survival Course does for the safety of you and the people you love, or it’s on us.

That’s right, you’ll have 60 full days and nights to consume all of our tips, research, and insight and if you’re not happy with any part of the course, for any reason, you’ll get back every penny you paid.

No questions.

No qualms.No BS.

Just every penny back.

So the only way you can actually lose here, is if you walk away.

And lose big you will, because mark my words…

When the s‰## hits the fan, you will think back to this moment, the moment where somebody with your best interests in mind, offered to give you every skill, every insider advantage to save yourself and those you care about.

Because you can be sure, your children, your spouse, your parents, EVERYONE will be looking to YOU: the one who was informed, the one who saw it coming, for help and leadership.

Don’t let them down!

You are their only hope in a situation like this; not your neighbor, not your friends and certainly not your government.

YOU are the one who has been uniquely blessed to become aware of where we are headed.

Don’t let them down.

Regular price: $97  Today $27

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There Will Be No Text From Your Government When Society Starts To Unravel

You must act NOW, because once the ball drops it’s far too late.

I’ve given you all the information you need to save yourself but you must act on it BEFORE disaster strikes.

And now it’s time to decide if you’re going to grab the life raft… or drown.

My suggestion?

Don’t be foolish when lives are at stake.

Hit the button, Fill out the secure form that follows, Empower yourself.

END THE FEAR. END THE UNCERTAINTY. END THE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS and know EXACTLY what to do, no matter what happens.

Regular price: $97  Today $27

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